Hello! My name is Madeline Isabella! 

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You've probably figured it out by now, but my name is Madeline Isabella, and here are some random things about me-

  • I live in the city of Lancaster, Pennsylvania (which is super close to both Philadelphia and NYC!) with my husband Sean  and our pup!
  • We absolutely love traveling and will take any opportunity to do so.
  • Queso is one of my favorite foods, but I live in the absolute worst location to get the good stuff. I've tried almost all the local places, but the only good one I've had locally is the recipe I made in the crockpot. 
  • I work from home so I'm constantly floating between working in coffee shops and my bed.
  • I wear black all the time. (It matches with everything!)
  • The Office is absolutely my favorite show of all time, Sean and I have seen it probably like 7 times.

I love nothing more than to Capture bad ass couples and the love that they share. Everyone's story is different, and deserves to be captured differently.