At Sea and CocoCay, Bahamas 2.7.17-2.8.17

The first day on the boat we learned two things, 

  1. You better find your sea legs fast, or you'll feel like a drunk person constantly. 
  2. There is free ice cream on the boat pretty much 24/7 and it is AMAZING.


We ate so much ice cream, and I have no regrets. Thankfully, none of us got sea sick! We all came totally prepared to get sea sick, but thankfully that never happened.

On the second day we docked in CocoCay which is Royal Caribbean's private island. We got the chance to sit down and relax, and then had a barbecue on the beach. We explored the island and found random wild chickens.


I don't have any photos with my good camera from the second day, but I do have some iPhone photos that I will share at the end of the series!

Madeline Martin