Nassau 2.9.17

On the fourth day we docked in Nassau, Bahamas and got to explore. Nassau is gorgeous. All of the colors are gorgeous. It's just gorgeous in general. All week on the boat we had been craving queso, so as soon as we docked we went and found some. It was a great life choice.

We found this weird hidden jungle type thing set into the middle of the town where it was nice and cool.

The beach we went to is a locals beach and it was amazing. The water was gorgeous and warm. I HATE fish so I don't always get in the water. Gaby forced me into the water, and I'm so glad she did. We both brought our GoPros for video, but somehow THEY BOTH DIED even though we charged them right before.

Going on trips with photographers is great because you will never have a lack of photos. 

Madeline Martin